British Busen Judo Association

Traditional Japanese Judo

The British Busen Judo Association is an independent organisation that was established in 2001 by Master Steve Makin BCAe and Master Alan Warrington, both 6th Dan’s at the time. They felt too many judo organisations were concerned only with making a profit, rather than continuing with the great traditions of judo.

The BBJA is non-profitable organisation set up to help children enter the martial arts at a minimal cost. All money raised or donated goes directly back into the organisation, so as to benefit all our young members. The BBJA is heavily reliant on donations and fundraising to supplement the many activities which run throughout the year.

Steve Makin BCAe

Master Steve Makin BCAe is a 10th Dan Judo Instructor and director of Judo, which is the head of the BBJA. He has practiced judo since the age of 8, achieved his 1st dan black belt at the age of 18 and progressed through 5 levels of black belt until he was awarded 6th dan (red and white belt) at the very early age of 36 by Master Haku Michigami. This is a remarkable achievement and was one of the youngest ever judoka to do this.

Steve has been taught by top judoka throughout the world & this shows in the way he teaches children and adults alike. Jigorō Kanō founded Judo in 1882 and sent his very best students all over the world to teach judo. One of these students was Master Haku Michigami, who was sent to France to teach judo. One of Master Michigami’s earliest students was Master Bill Wood, 8th Dan. Masters Michigami and Wood taught Steve  and helped him become one of the best judoka in the UK.

Steve has won many national and international judo titles and has travelled all over the world. He has taught judo in many countries including France, Germany, Belguim, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan and more.

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